Kid Chatteroo™ offers fun and thought-provoking questions to get kids and parents talking again





PRLog (Press Release)Oct 20, 2012
Kid Chatteroo (™, the innovative iPhone app developed by Penny for Your Thoughts, LLC, creates dialogue between parents and children, building trust for years to come and eliminating the pressure that can accompany parent-child conversations. Kid Chatteroo’s extensive question bank creates opportunities for parents to be silly and exercise their imaginations with their children, while children learn how to communicate with others effectively. The app will be available for purchase and download on the App Store on October 22, 2012.
“Developed with a focus on battle-tested research from a well-respected university, Kid Chatteroo helps parents and children let loose and learn together,” said Kirsten Wright, founder of Penny for Your Thoughts, LLC. “Kid Chatteroo’s creative bank of questions sparks conversations that allow both parents and children to relax and truly listen to one another. Children learn how to actively listen when they see their parents doing the same and they learn to trust their parents’ guidance.”

In the BYU David O. McKay School of Education’s resource, “You Can Do This: An Approach to Raising Wonderful Children,” parents are taught that time spent with children can have lasting effects.

“When relationships [between parents and children] are strong your children will come to you with problems and listen to your advice,” reads an excerpt from the study.

With the tap of your finger, Kid Chatteroo™ invites parents and children to sit down, laugh and build trust in each other as they answer questions and make memories. Children learn to listen and to confide in their parents without hesitation as they interact with parents using this family friendly app. To see a video, please visit . You can also find out more about Kid Chatteroo™ on its website (, Facebook (, Twitter ( and Pinterest (


Kid Chatteroo, the igniter of zany, playful family conversations and capturer of the moments that make life sweet, is an iPhone app developed by Kirsten Wright, co-editor of the blog  Kirsten is an all things mom influencer and has impacted the lives of mothers nationwide with her creative parenting ideas and DIY masterpieces through her website. Kirsten’s work has been featured in online and traditional media worldwide including Apartment Therapy, Ana-White, and Martha Stewart. She is also featured in The Handbuilt Home, Random House, 2012. For more information about Kid Chatteroo or Mrs. Wright, please visit or


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