Technology opens door to more efficient and reliable energy networks




PRLog (Press Release)Oct 20, 2012
TPX Energy today announced a new bolt-on technology that will allow utilities to build hybrid advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) that utilize AMI`s excess capacity to deliver unlimited distribution automation (DA) and Smart Cities services.

The TPX Gateway said James Eades TPX CEO and Principal Architect,  is a bolt-on, open platform, AMI to DA Gateway that allow utilities and their system integrators to install virtually any radio frequency (RF) metering communication module with a standard serial, RS232, RS485 connection to securely extend their Mesh, Wifi, Wimax, wireless M-Bus and Cellular AMI networks.

The Gateway additionally scans two frequencies for greater DA control and flexibility, 433Mhz for reactive fault and event indicators and 900Mhz for interval or streaming voltage / current and thermal readings, and securely communicates via three bit encryption coding back to the TPX Router, tunneling thru the AMI providers meter data management (MDM) systems.

What we are doing is unlocking proprietary AMI networks and giving the utilities the keys to a platform and the freedom to do whatever they like, not just accept what the AMI provider is offering.

This is an open Smart Grid platform, open for any metering, DA or sensory provider to adapt the platform or our coding system. With hundreds of DA applications already and a robust number of Smart Cities applications; what we have done is give the utility greater control and the ability to mix and match competing vendors products.

The Smart Cities platform was an eight year $20m dollar investment that targets Federal, State, Municipal and coop owned utilities who are trying to justify the cost of rolling out Smart Grid projects.

There are 35 separate modules that offer everything from crisis management, RTLS, risk routing to detecting, mapping and simulating house fires, forest fires, floods and tsunamis in real time or months in advance, and all in virtual 3D Google Earth imaging. These services can be expanded into 3D GIS, and transportation, water and gas asset management.

These are proven emergency management tools that most communities would be unable to afford and we are making them available and affordable over our Smart Grid / Smart Cities platform via hosted or cloud based service.

Using AMI in this manner will give communities a system wide network or ecosystem to deliver additional and possibly life saving services.

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